Family Friendly Two Bedroom Apartment

Family Friendly Two Bedroom Apartment

How to Decorate Effectively

If you simply do not have an extra bedroom and two siblings are sharing the two bedroom apartment with you , you will find there are different ways you can decorate their bedroom to make the space they must share together not only tolerable, but a place they will enjoy.

First of all, when it comes to siblings sharing bedroom, there are basically two ways in which you can go about decorating their room:
1. Decorate their room in one theme that they can both agree on and will enjoy.
2. Decorate their room in two separate themes to keep them both happy and feeling like they have a space in their shared bedroom they can call their own.
To help you realize how you can achieve either one of these decorating siblings sharing bedroom possibilities, following is an example for each.

Decorating a bedroom with a single theme

If the siblings sharing bedroom agree on the same theme, or don’t mind having matching bedding, you will find that there are two excellent ways you can set up their room. You can either choose to purchase them a bunk bed, or two twin beds. Once you have the beds, you can select matching bedding. You will find a great selection of bedding choices await you at An example of a good matching bed set you can select is the “Primary Solids Reversible and Fitted Comforters”.

When it comes to the siblings sharing bedroom walls, you can choose to wallpaper them in the theme your children have chosen, or you can paint the walls a solid color shade that is in their bedding, and add a wallpaper border to add more personality to the walls. If you are interested in adding a wallpaper border, you will find that has plenty of different designs to suit the taste of your children.

When it comes to furniture for a single siblings sharing bedroom theme, matching furniture is always a great idea. You can even invest in fun furniture that they can both share and enjoy such as a table and chair set, an entertainment center, bean bag chairs and so on.

Decorating a bedroom with two themes

If your children have two separate tastes and are not wild about being apart of the whole siblings sharing bedroom idea, you can at least try to make it tolerable for them by appealing to their personal interests as much as possible. How can you do this? Well, the best way to do it is to literally split the room in half.
Paint one whole half of the room a solid color your child likes, and the other half a different color your other child likes. Purchase two twin trundle beds. This will allow them their own space and will also provide some extra individual storage space to put their personal stuff. As for bedding, you can have you kids pick the sets they like best.

You can mix and match furniture, and when it comes to storage furniture, label items with names so there is no confusion as to who owns what.
Finally, other great accessories you may want to include in a siblings sharing bedroom are:
* Lamps
* Window treatments
* Clocks
* Throw pillows and throw blankets
* Area rug(s)
* Wall hooks
* Wall art
* Toy box bench
* Waste bin

There are many ways you can keep your kids satisfied and content to share a room. Be creative when it comes to decorating and putting together sibling sharing bedroom themes.


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